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Witch Apothecary Shelves Wallpaper: The Greta

Witch Apothecary Shelves Wallpaper: The Greta

Enter a realm of mystical style with our dark witch wallpaper collection, meticulously designed to infuse your living space with enchanting apothecary charm and an aura of timeless magic.

🌙 Magical Atmosphere in Every Design:

Introducing the "Greta" - Immerse yourself in the allure of dark magic with our witch wallpaper. Each design is a captivating portrayal of a magical apothecary atmosphere, offering a touch of mystical elegance to elevate your home.

🖤 Moody Palette for Spellbinding Witchy Ambiance:

Awaken your space with a palette inspired by the mystical arts! Our witch wallpaper showcases moody tones, from deep blacks to rich purples, creating a bewitching backdrop that resonates with the charm of dark magic. Each pattern is meticulously curated for visual appeal and magical allure, making you feel like you've stepped in to a witch's apothecary.

✨ Quick Ship & Effortless Install for Instant Mystic Whimsy:

Experience a seamless transformation! Choose from pre-pasted, unpasted, or peel-and-stick options for a professionally styled look without the wait. Our witch wallpapers ship within 1-4 business days, arriving meticulously packed to ensure perfect condition. Infuse your space effortlessly with the mystic whimsy of witchy-inspired designs.

🛠️ Quality Craftsmanship & Environmentally Friendly Materials:

Invest in lasting quality. Our witchy wallpaper boasts a smooth, matte finish, printed with precision using advanced technology. Immerse your space in the mystical feel of dark magic while enjoying the durability of high-quality, environmentally friendly materials.

📏 Custom Sizes for Every Magical Nook:

Tailor your space to perfection! Whether it's a cozy corner or an expansive room, our witch wallpaper comes in custom sizes to suit your project. Can't find the size you need? Reach out for personalized dimensions, and let us create your ideal mystical haven.

🎁 Perfect Gift for Witchcraft Enthusiasts:

Surprise someone who embraces the mystical arts! Our witch wallpaper makes the perfect gift for housewarmings, birthdays, or any occasion. Bring the enchanting allure of dark witchcraft into the spaces of your loved ones.

Conjure timeless magic effortlessly – order now and immerse your home in the bewitching elegance of dark witch wallpaper! Have questions? Connect with us, and let our experts assist you in creating your enchanted haven.



How much should I order?

Simple, use our easy 5 step process (done in less than 5 mins!!):

Step 1: Get your supplies. You’ll need a tape measure, pen/pencil and paper.

Step 2: Measure your walls (or other project) total width and height. Write them down. If you have a non-standard wall, such as sloping ceilings, use the highest height.

Step 3: Choose a material from our drop down list - peel and stick, pasted, or traditional non-pasted (hint - there’s no wrong choice!)

Step 4: From our second drop down list, select the height that is slightly higher than your walls. We have all standard heights and all panels are 28 inches wide. Contact us if you need a custom size.

Step 5: From our third drop down list, select the quantity of 28 in sheets you need. To do this, divide your wall width (in inches) by 28. If you get a decimal number, round up to the next whole number. For example, a 99 inch wide wall, divided by 28 = 3.53, so a quantity of 4 will be required.

I need a custom size, can you help?

Of course! Please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Which is best; peel and stick, pasted, or traditional non-pasted?

There’s all great options, and serve different purposes. Peel and stick wallpaper: is often best for renters or those who like to change up their decor frequently, as it can be removed. It can perform better in high moisture areas and provides the easiest installation. Pasted wallpaper: a more convenient option, with nothing else to buy, just soak and apply. Installation is easy, best for wallpaper first timers and DIYers who are looking for a more traditional finish that will last for years to come. Traditional Non-pasted wallpaper: requires separate purchase of wallpaper adhesive, but provides more control over adhesive placement and thus can help with lining up intricate patterns. Great choice for those who want a permanent installation to enjoy for years to come.

Why should I buy from WallpaperCottage?

After rigorous testing of various materials over the years, we've identified the ultimate solutions for different wall types. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the use of cutting-edge, top-tier technology and specially adapted textiles. This ensures that your wallpaper is not only vivid and clear but also boasts excellent color contrast, even in the minutest details. Pair this with our premier customer service and WallpaperCottage is a no-brainer.

When will I receive my order?

We will prepare your order as fast as possible, in 2-4 business days. After that, delivery times are 2-6 business days to the EU and the US, and 4-7 business days to Canada. Please contact us if you’re interested in rush shipping, and we will assist. Please note that shipping times may be delayed in periods of high volume/holidays.

Do you provide a tracking number?

Yes! You will receive it in an email once your order ships. It will also appear in your Wallpaper Cottage orders, under your WallpaperCottage purchase.

How can I be sure my wallpaper is shipped securely?

Don't worry about damage during shipping, our wallpapers are meticulously packed to ensure your wallpaper arrives in perfect, ready-to-hand, condition. First we wrap them in crepe paper, then insert it all into a protective tube, which is then packed in a cardboard box. Simple and effective.

What are some technical details of the wallpaper printing process?

Our wallpapers are all moisture resistant and eco-friendly, and safe for children and pets. Let us know if you have any further questions about these products - we’d be happy to answer - we chose them with care for your safety.

Our wallpapers are lovingly printed with an Epson SureColor SC-S80610, with 9 different colors providing for infinite combinations, and 12 passes, using Epson UltraChrome GS3; Eco-Solvent type; with ISO certificate for safe use indoors, on 175gm2 B1 fire resistance rating; PVC free papers.

What will I receive in my package?

Your package will contain your wallpaper, an installation guide, and a thank you note and coupon code for your next order. We also provide squeegees for orders over $100USD.

How do I install my wallpaper?

The installation process depends on whether you select peel and stick, pasted, or traditional non-pasted. For all, no overlap is required, and your wallpaper sheets have been designed to perfectly align every 28 inches. For peel and stick, you simply align the pattern, peel the backing, and press to stick to the wall (or other project). Smooth out any air bubbles. The wallpaper is repositionable for up to 48 hours and can be removed by peeling from corners. For pasted, you will need to soak the back of the wallpaper to activate the glue and wait approx. 5 mins (a process known as ‘booking’), then align the wallpaper and press to adhere. For traditional, non-pasted wallpaper, you will need to purchase wallpaper glue, paint it onto the wall and/or wallpaper, align the sheets, and press to adhere. Detailed instructions will be provided with your order. If you have any additional questions, WallpaperCottage is always happy to assist.

Do you provide discounts for large orders?

We’re happy to discuss discounts for large or repeat orders. Please contact us.

Can you design me a custom pattern?

Absolutely! Get in contact and we’d love to help you achieve your vision.

Do you partner with influencers?

We’re happy to discuss partnerships. Please contact us.

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